Cool Fridge, Hot Glamour

Cool Fridge, Hot Glamour

Video:- Fridge Fun – Lighting On A Budget (Non Members version)

Like most children I used to wonder about the light inside our fridge and questioned whether it did actually switch off when you closed the door. Whilst we know the answer is of course yes we can’t actually prove it unless we drill a hole through the door. Perhaps not the best idea.

As a photographer’s assistant back in the day I had a slightly different take on this musing and wondered if you could actually use the light inside the fridge to take some sexy pictures. Once again I knew the answer but was in a state of denial as I desperately wanted to believe it would be possible to illuminate a model with 15watt refrigerator bulb! Even shooting at today’s insanely high, grain free ISO’s you’d be hard-pushed to achieve anything that looked remotely well lit.

So once again I find myself looking at my youthful self with the idea of teaching that young whippersnapper a thing or two.

The answer is of course obvious. Grab a small handheld flash unit, stick it in the fridge and blast the living daylights out of it. That’s actually not too far from the truth, except of course for the inevitable unforeseen problems and pitfalls.


All good images start with some kind of concept. This one was not too difficult to dream. Picture if you will the scene… It’s a hot summer night, the air-con is broken and the girl is hot, so very hot…errr I mean as in temperature people! She goes to the refrigerator to get herself a drink and upon opening the door finds herself caught in a moment of heavenly relief from the heat courtesy of the cool air exuding from the fridge. Simple really.

The main part of this post contains additional lighting, shooting and posing tips, image gallery and the uncensored video which include some NSFW artistic nudity. It is available to members only – not a member? Join here.

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