What’s it all about?

As a photographer in my twenties, a very long time ago, I yearned for information about how to put together a useful, workable studio and how to use studio lighting in exciting and interesting ways.  Of course in those days the internet didn’t exist and it would be years before it would become a useful place for learning.  This site therefore is the reference book that I wished I had access to back in the days when Kodak was the boss of all things photographic.

It seemed that all the wisdom people were willing to impart in those days was a basic Portrait Lighting setup. Subjects would be placed in front of a coloured paper backdrop or worse still a brown mottled affair that had more Victorian overtones than anything befitting of the 1980’s.  Infinity curves were really as exciting as things got.

Undaunted, I persevered with my quest for knowledge but eventually realised that my efforts were in vain. If I wanted to create the type of images I had in my mind or emulate other photographers I admired, I would have to teach myself.  Tricky without a studio, willing models and a bucket load of cash to spend on lights, lenses, film and processing…yes you heard me correctly! Digital wasn’t even a pipe dream yet.

When I was eventually able to build my own studio back in the year 2001 I was able to start putting my years of ideas into action.  The space isn’t big so versatility was the name of the game. It was a rapid and steep and learning curve.  Using this space over the years to photograph over 2000 clients in various states of undress has given me a unique insight not only into lighting but also posing all manner of shapes and sizes.  I’ve learned how to create flattering images of everyone, to use lighting to accentuate, to disguise, to grow and to shrink wherever, whatever and whenever necessary.

I’ve also learned how to successfully transform what is a fairly small space into a myriad of different rooms.  Occasionally I take these skills out of the studio onto locations and employ them to the same effect. The net result of all this planning and learning? One of the most successful boudoir photography and workshop studios in the UK!

I’ve been using Photoshop since it arrived on a dozen or so 1.44mb floppy disks (forgive me if I’ve lost you here – I’m showing my age). Am I a Photoshop expert? Probably not, but twenty years of layer masks and lasso tools hasn’t been in vain.  I use it extensively within my businesses to edit clients’ images so its usage needs to deliver quality in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way. So I guess I do have lots of tips and techniques to pass on.

This site is aimed at sharing my decades of experience and learning in the hope that others too may find their space in which to learn, shoot and create. I hope you enjoy leighperkins.com.

If you want more in-depth training, you can also attend one of my photography workshops or arrange 1-to-1 training with me – visit my workshops website for more information: NX Workshops