Body Perfection – The Liquify Effect

Body Perfection – The Liquify Effect

A day rarely goes by at our studio without discussing the merits, whys, wherefores and justifications of that ever-controversial subject – body reshaping. When we demonstrate to our clients the relative ease of a bit of Photoshop nip and tuck, the reaction rarely differs. First, the clients are amazed by the speed and simplicity at which we can slim a thigh here or lift a boob there. Secondly, and perhaps quite surprisingly, clients very often decline the digital diet in favour of their original, unliquified body. This is most satisfying for me as a photographer as it means the years toiling and honing my lighting and posing skills have proven effective. For our clients too, who can look at their finished images and see themselves as they naturally are rather than an over-enhanced version, the effect is most certainly a positive one!

So when is it OK to reach for the Liquify Filter and give a little digital correction to an image? In this short video I’ll show you how we use this much-maligned tool to correct a few lumps and bumps caused by ill fitting (or even well fitting) lingerie. The first tip however is this. Waaaaay before you get to the Photoshop stage, or even reach for your camera, advise your client, model, victim to make sure that his/her underwear fits as well as possible. We advise our boudoir clients to make sure they try on new lingerie before the shoot and if necessary buy a size larger than normal to avoid it digging in. Tip number two, talk them out of thongs and stringy or strappy underwear…wait that’s not right! ? For sure nudes do eliminate underwear mishaps but talking your clients out of their lingerie before the shoot has even begun will not end well. Obviously, I mean talk them out of choosing to wear thongs and stringy knickers and bras. The thinner the straps, the more they’ll pinch in and create unwelcome bulges.

Tip number three, if your model does have some slight underwear induced muffin tops here and there and you suspect you’ll be reaching for the Liquify tool for sure then try to use uncomplicated backgrounds behind your subject. Trust me you’ll be glad you did. Nothing gives the game away of a liquified leg more than a wonky door frame in the background.  In this case the Liquify – Reconstruct Brush will be your new best friend.

Of course much of those pesky muffins can be eliminated through careful and correct posing and lighting but if all else fails then let the fun begin. Push, pull, squeeze and straighten the liquify tool can do it all. ?

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