The Droplet Effect

I’ve been photographing clients in my studio for about fifteen years now. Literally thousands of subjects, mostly female, but a fair percentage of men too, have put themselves under my lights. The vast majority also decide to take the brave step and have some form of nude images shot. Of those, many have subjected themselves to the perils of my water spray! To re-count how many “wet look” clients I have shot over the years would be an impossibility and that’s not even counting the models too that I have attacked with my misting bottle. I therefore consider myself quite knowledgeable on the subject of the droplet!

I’ve heard wonderful tales over the years of the various concoctions that photographers have experimented with to help the droplets form on the breasts of willing subjects. Everything from olive oil to glycerine mixed in with the water has been suggested and far be it from me to suggest that these methods do not work. Who knows? Maybe they do but I’ll not be the one to suggest my model or client smother themselves in olive oil!

This post includes a video and image gallery that contains NSFW images. The video shows in detail how to light and shoot for perfect water droplets and is only available to view by members – not a member? Join here.

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